The Unheard


This story is written for 53 Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge.  The challenge is to write a short story of around 100 words for the given image.


Her father had posted her a letter; a letter to the loving daughter who was studying in the far away land.  She kept postponing the reading to tomorrow every day stating she was too busy. Today she had dropped it in water while taking out form her bag and no words were visible. It was all gone.

——————– End of the Story ——————–

Who knows! May be some things are untold. Or it is that they are told but unheard? Was it meant to be so? One thing is true though that “We are never too busy!”.

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25 thoughts on “The Unheard

  1. Namaste Prakash & many thanks for such a poignant & touching short story.
    for me the moral of it is: “Do not put off tomorrow what you can do today!”
    The story brought tears to my eyes…..thinking about my beloved Father & many of the ‘unheard’ things said between us over the years…..

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