The Little One

As I cried, you all smiled,
Bundles of unlimited joy!
I see people roaring around,
‘There comes our little boy’!

The world around me is new,
I am a little scared!
I guess it’s not a major concern,
‘As I know, I will be cared’!

Mom looks at me and dad,
With pleasure of pain and calm!
Dad looks at me and mom,
‘I just feel so warm’!

All I do is smile and cry,
It’s my pretty game!
I am the little one and,
‘Now I need a name’!

This poem is dedicated to the little one who became part of our family on 11 Sept., 2015.

53 thoughts on “The Little One

  1. What a beautiful poem for a new member in a family. Time flies quickly. The day will come when he’ll enjoy reading this poem. May you enjoy each and every moment of his life. Congratulations and best wishes for the new born 🙂

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  2. Congratulations Prakash! Not sure what a baby thinks – scared, smiling and crying – but as parents, this is one moment that is undoubtedly our happiest, that is, when there’s a new entry within our family.

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  3. I knew this one would come 😀 And the number of posts ahead will gradually increase I betcha and the credit goes to the “Lil one”-the loved one 🙂 Such a nice thought of you speaking on behalf of him-he already is a poet now! The virtual blogger 😀 Beautiful one sir 🙂

    All celebrations!!! Happy birthday lil prince 🙂

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  4. *wiping tears of joy from my eyes*
    Prakash what a beautiful sweet poem for your new baby. I bet your Wife is so proud of you & loves you ALOT!!! You are a true poet 😉
    Congratulations to your family & you!
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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      • I think all they need is genuine attention, look, wonder what you see, hear, and the response arrives from inside you. If it wasn’t right you are still looking and oh boy do you self correct!! love is big, but it is also little everyday in every way when you attend you learn love together as you go, Sorry sounds like I just got on a soapbox – your poem is perfect

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        • That was such a lovely read. Thank you for the thoughts. I am really happy and smiles. The words are just so perfect.
          I read it twice. Every time i was reading it with smiles. I read the poem again. Your comment made that poem look so much more beautiful. 🙂
          The day i will read out the poem, i will read out this comment too.
          🙂 Thank you again..

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