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This post is written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers for the Week of August 04, 2015.  The task to write a short story of around 100-150 words for the given image.

Image Credits - Louise from “The Storyteller's Abode.”

Image Credits – Louise from “The Storyteller’s Abode.”

Varuni held the picture to the class of students and announced, caption or describe the picture in a line or two. After a minute silence, there were a few hands up.

The bigger ones are behind ” said one.

Stones at day and ghosts at night ” shouted another.

The eggs of the little birdie ” said the calm one.

Shadows to the exhausted ” said the one from last bench.

Moment’s peace, forever ” said the excited one.

Hide and seek, stay behind and take a peek ” said the one at the corner.

Arise from sky, Arise from earth, Aim to top ” said yet another one.

Varuni, could not believe her ears. She had never expected a class of physically disabled students would be so creative. She determined at that moment to do the guest lectures more often and publish a book of their thoughts.

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31 thoughts on “Get the See

  1. Well, Divinity is kind. If it takes anything from us then it also shower its blessings in some other way. These physically disabled students were blessed with creative minds and I’m glad that Varuni was there to encourage them.
    Thank you for writing this piece. I enjoyed reading this story with a positive message 🙂

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