Bard and Water – Haiku


bard writes on water,
bard is exhausted and drowsy,
bard demands water.

Task is to write a Haiku on bard and water. You can check out the challenge and other’s take on the prompt from HERE.


18 thoughts on “Bard and Water – Haiku

      • πŸ˜‰ Your Haiku inspired my Haiku!
        When I was in High School we had a Poetry group. One person would write a Haiku or short poem & then each person would write a companion poem in turn! It was very interesting to see where our collective thoughts went.
        I never was much good at Haiku…now I am finding them easier to create & write πŸ™‚

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          • It was a fun way to be creative & learn more about poetry writing. It would be cool if you wrote a Haiku here & then invited people to write one in reply to yours & see where it goes…..
            I am far from a good Haiku writer…my imagery is not perfected yet….practice makes progress (lol not perfection…)

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  1. The first line makes bard seem like some other-worldly unreal being. the second one makes him a mortal being with physical limitations. Then he becomes demanding about his ordinary needs that must be met.

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