Couples From The Clock

The hands of a clock,
Always have a stock,
Tick tock’s couple,
Ding Dong’s couple.

The hands together,
Bonded forever,
Moving with,
Couple of seconds,
Couple of minutes.

One hand following the other,
Without “U”,
I am just a meaningless

This Poem is Written for Poetry 101 Rehab: Couple.


 You can read the poems written by others here by clicking on the blue fellow:

34 thoughts on “Couples From The Clock

  1. Wonderful use of imagery here!!!
    I like the way in which you have presented these ordinary needles of the clock.
    Indeed, there is a great lesson in the union and symmetry of the hands of a clock.

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  2. Clever and even slightly romantic ❤ Like one chasing the other, greeting one another several times a day for mere seconds, spending only minutes a day together. They'll never tire of another!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey Ph – this is wonderful – fun and flowing! 🙂 – and as you can tell I was just getting a cacth up on some of your recent posts – keep writing – you have such a nice style.

    Liked by 1 person

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