43 thoughts on “Love & Last – Haiku

  1. Beautiful Haiku Prakash…Today is the 19th anniversary of my husband Paul’s death…the LOVE has NEVER left me….it grows even as time passes…thank you for this poem…It made me smile today!
    Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen

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      • 🙂 This Haiku came out at ‘just’ the right time Prakash.
        Isn’t it wonderful how these coincidences happen…it is so cosmic & very cool….
        Even tho’ I cried I also smiled….because your poem touched my heart.
        Thank you again my friend.

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  2. I have always loved the simplicity of Haiku. I have a Japanese mentor whose guidance has made a big difference in my life and he has written many haiku. Some of his that I have on my wall is in kangi.

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