The Trail


Story “The Trail” is written for the Mondays Finish the Story Challenge – April 20, 2015.Β The task is, given the image and starting line, complete the story in 100 to 150 words.


They followed the buffaloes and their babies along the trail heading into the woods. They looked needy. They seemed that no forces could impede them today. They are going to make it. They wanted buffaloes and their babies to make themselves home. They were ferocious. All they wanted was space and the right time. The sun was about to set and the breeze had quadrupled. It looked like lighter things are soon going to fly away and rain is going to drown the remaining. But they, they were careful. They knew it was coming. More importantly, they were thousands in number.

The buffaloes and babies had settled. They made the attack and started crawling all over the buffaloes and babies. They made themselves home, under the thick fur, to protect oneself from extreme breeze and thunder.

They, ants, had finally found a place for survival from extreme weather conditions.

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23 thoughts on “The Trail

  1. Hahaha, my, what a relief I had to find that it was only ants, I didnt see that twist coming :D. I was frowning at first, thinking they were hunters, and then I realised πŸ˜„. Nicely done.

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  2. Was not expecting ants Prakash! That was very well done and I enjoyed your flash! Thanks again for participating and I hope that you come back for the newest release this coming Monday which might have you laughing! Be well… ^..^

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