The Future Prospects



It has started now, now it has started,
What we are and what we can be,
Chart your plans, let plans be charted,
We can be what we are imagined to be.

Apply the learn, learn to apply,
It’s already time-out, past is to exhale,
Supply the apply, apply the Supply,
It’s already time-in, future is to inhale.

Make no predictions, predict no one,
Run is too long, long is the run,
Create all you need, right from zero,
Aye, aye, that’s the way to be the superhero.

The surprises waiting ahead in future,
Is the magnificence, inherent in nature.


Poem form: Sonnet and Device: Chiasmus. More Details of the post can be found HERE.
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14 thoughts on “The Future Prospects

  1. This line, ‘Aye, aye, that’s the way to be the superhero.’, brought a smile to my face. Your piece has such a lively tone that I can actually hear a loud voice reciting it in my head. Your chiasmi flowed well with the rhyme scheme too. Well written!

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  2. I liked the build up … the anticipation in this poem. From starting out, to wondering what the future will be, to hopefully nice surprises. I’ve enjoyed your poetry, and wish you all the best in your writing projects!

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