The (Un)Friendly Time

This story is written for indiSpire, story writing challenge for 51st edition.

The challenge is:

“The Dindispirearkest Hour of the Night Is Just before the Dawn”, Write an original story based on this statement. #TheNight

Aakash was un-hurriedly waking up from his bed. He felt clueless on where he was and gradually realized he was in his own room. His final year of masters was literally killing him with too many submissions, assignments and presentations. As he saw the clock ticking 09.05, he was literally horrified. What he remembered was he was too much tired with many works and wanted to take a quick nap. His eyes were almost dying out of tiredness. It was 06.00 in the evening and he had decided to take a quick nap for one hour and initiate working on his presentation immediately.

He had a presentation to make at 10.30. It was his final project presentation. He had worked day and night to accomplish significant results. Now he was terrified about his effort going unrecognized as he had not worked on how to present it. He was enraged on himself and was cursing himself for planning to take a quick nap.

Just then, his mother entered the room and said, “Aakash, dinner is ready. Wash you face and come quickly!”

Aakash felt like heaven. The worry vanished in a thunderstorm speed.  He was so much tired that he literally thought it was 9.05am while it was still 9.05pm. He contentedly got up, had dinner and started working on his presentation.

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