House Becomes Home

This Short story was written for Edition no. 47 Challenge from IndiSpire, Indiblog. 


Theme: Write a story ending with “…. It felt good to be back home.”

Joe opened the lock and walked inside his house. He had a tiring day. His boss had assigned him all the extra works at office. As it was official financial year end, it was also the time when performance and appraisal were supposed to be announced. Joe had to agree on all the tasks allotted without a complaint or a say to it.  His whole office was automated and he was finding it difficult to get used to the electronic gadgets. His competitors were the newly hired graduates who had an ease to use the gadgets. It was frustrating to be at work place handling many pressures. However, every day when he used to be back to his house, sleeping on the couch was his favorite routine. It felt good to be back.

Nelema, was Joe’s wife. She was a social activist. She used a run a NGO fighting for the women and children rights. Appreciating their works prime minister had fixed an appointment with Nelema’s team. They received an award and financial support. It was three days journey. Nelema was finally home after a tiring journey, with more ambitious dreams and wishes to grow her NGO big. She was happy to be back at her house. She shared all the experiences and she felt good to be back.

Dilip, was their first son. He was at college doing his medicine. He was doing his specialization, to be a child specialist. He had a great dream to contribute to the society and serve the poor. His mother Nelema was his ever-lasting inspiration. As he entered his house, he saw his mom and dad talking to each other. He felt happy to see his mom after the journey. Especially because his mom was back, he felt good to be back.

Shreya was in her high school final year. She used to attend music class after her school hours. She had a most packed schedule for her age as compared to her friends. She immediately rushed to her house and shouted, “Dad, I want Juice!”. She saw her mom, came running to hug her and said, “Mom, I want juice!”. The house was full. Shreya felt happy to be back.

With all the liveliness and togetherness, the house had turned to home. More importantly, for all, it felt good to be back home!


“A house is built by human hands,

but a home is built by human hearts”

4 thoughts on “House Becomes Home

  1. Beautifully written sir 🙂 So simple so straight! Feels good to be back to read your writes 🙂

    And special applaud for the last quote 👏

    Liked by 1 person

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