The Journal

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Oasis.”

A sanctuary is a place you can escape to, to catch your breath and remember who you are. Write about the place you go to when everything is a bit too much.



Heart seeks a support when everything is a bit too much. Mind pulls the one in all possible thoughts and directions. Soul is clue-less on what is happening and keeps wandering in search of something, that something, which is not known.

We need a shoulder to rely on when we are too sad, as well, we also need when we are too happy to share and spread it. Β To dissolve that “bit too much” the need of “oasis” looks obvious. Till my high school i never felt a great need of one such as every emotion was shared with everyone else. After that, once i started writing my daily journal, thoughts have inked and dissolved in there.

Lately, i write. It’s very comforting when the expressions go out in the form of words as they have the power to heal. They seek out from the inner and heal from the outer. Β They have a power, a sort of a freedom which shouts for the cause and battles for the peace.

The Journal! #peace. period.

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