The Colors of Happiness

Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction.


It was evening seven and there was chill breeze in the surrounding. The New Year celebration had already began and sky was colorful with fireworks. Many people had gathered in park with families to watch the fireworks go colorful and adorn the sky. Sam, aged around 40’s was sitting in the park looking at the sky. He was alone on the bench. Just then a teenager came and sat beside him.

He started complaining about his life, restrictions and bragging about his part time job and seemed upset. He said “ Am just so upset with everything! I don’t see anything good “

There was a silence for a while and Sam replied,“Son, good lies everywhere. You just need to see it. You see what you decide to see. Look at me, I love being at park listening to people around. Am happy because I feel the happiness around me, I look at sky and feel the happiness. You should give a fresh try at looking at things. 

The teenager responded, “You might have seen everything good in life so far! 

Sam answered, “I am blind son ”. And he slowly got up and walked away with help of his stick.

10 thoughts on “The Colors of Happiness

  1. Prakash, Lovely story with a great twist at the end that brought even more meaning to it. There’s a lot of wisdom in this. I’ll look forward to reading your sotries in future. Happy Holidays! 🙂 — Suzanne

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