The Educated Illiteracy

Not a breaking news if I say, coding is the new literacy. Everyone is expected to code in near future. But along we also have illiteracy rooting out. The technological absurdity. Educated illiteracy as I see is “not using the common sense” while required.

      Let me put down a few. Starting with the spam message circulated in whatsapp. Why do people forward it? One fine day, even the genuine message will not be supported. Why do people get all impatient if someone sends a candy crush request? Isn’t it just a notification which can be ignored? Why do we swiftly believe that forwarding message to 10 people will recharge an amount? Why do we think that getting a passport still needs an agent? Why can’t we enjoy a movie for 3 hours patiently? We always complain and never watch the way movies are meant to be! Why do we make a big fuss of minute issues over social networking sites? Why is a breaking news, meaninglessly bad?

      Perfectionist persona of the wrong crowd, being followed by increasing many. Well, there begins an era of educated illiterates and believe me, the consequences are going to be “down under the earth” many!

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